“S&B INDUSTRIAL MINERALS, MINING, QUARRYING, INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL, TOURIST, SHIPPING, ENGINEERING, JOINT-STOCK COMPANY” (the Company”) announces to the public, pursuant to Law 3340/2005, the HCMC’s Board of Directors’ decision no. 3/347/2005 and the relevant applicable provisions of the ATHEX Regulation, that on 30.1.2013 it was informed by the company under the trade name DELPHI LUXEMBOURG HOLDINGS S.À R.L. with registered seat in Luxembourg (the “Offeror”), which acts in concert with members of the Kyriakopoulos Family and entities controlled by them, regarding the launch of a mandatory tender offer in accordance with the provisions of Law 3461/2006 (the “Tender Offer”).

Pursuant to Law 3461/2006, the Company shall appoint a financial adviser and its Board of Directors will be duly convened within the deadlines provided under the law for the purposes of issuing its justified opinion regarding the Tender Offer.

The relevant announcement by the Offeror is attached hereto.

The Company will proceed to all necessary actions regarding the Tender Offer and undertakes to inform the public as provided under the law.