European Award for S&B’s environmental practice at its Milos operations

European Award for S&B’s environmental practice at its Milos operations

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In a special ceremony at the European Parliament, on November 14, 2012, S&B was presented with the IMA-Europe Recognition Award 2012 by the Industrial Minerals Association-Europe (IMA-Europe), for an environmental practice applied at its production facilities on Milos island, Greece.

Natural drying of bentonite significantly reduces energy consumption. In comparison to industrial drying, its adoption results in approximately 35% savings reducing, not only fuel consumption, but also CO2 emissions by 24,000 ΜΤ, annually. Following this European recognition award, S&B is proceeding with the transfer of this know-how to other Group production facilities.

The independent Award Jury with members from a European institutional body, academia, an environmental organization, and the European Press, highlighted that the implicit simplicity of this project in combination with its significant and measurable results, weighed heavily on their decision. These were the factors that made this project stand out among other remarkable candidacies by well-known European mining companies.

Kriton Anavlavis, S&B’s CEO commented: “We are very proud to have won this Award as recognition of our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices that we implement within the framework of our Sustainable Development vision”.