S&B honored for its contribution to Ancient Olympia’s landscape restoration

S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. was honored by the Minister of Culture for its contribution to the restoration of the archeological as well as the natural landscape of ancient Olympia. The award was presented to the chairman of the company’s Board of Directors Ulysses Kyriacopoulos during a special event held within the framework of the ceremony for the 2008 lighting of the Olympic Flame.

S&B offered its help in the state’s attempt to restore the natural landscape of ancient Olympia, in view of the Olympic Flame-lighting ceremony on 24 March 2008. More specifically, S&B participated in the action titled “Execution of immediate and extremely urgent horticultural work within the framework of the restoration of the archeological and wider area of Olympia” volunteering its own specialized equipment, personnel and know-how in landscape restoration and reclamation. S&B’s Fokis bauxite operations contributed a unique in Greece spray cannon and four staff members (a forestry expert who was in charge, a driver, a spray cannon handler and a technician). Given the fact that there had been an extensive period of drought, the S&B team’s participation in the technically demanding work of irrigation was indispensable. The team moved to the area on 25 February 2008 and remained there during the whole project that lasted 23 days.

This contribution of S&B was deemed of crucial importance by the relevant authorities (the Ministry of Culture and the National Foundation of Agricultural Research) while the staff’s diligence, conscientiousness and professionalism were applauded by everyone involved.