An Introduction to the world of minerals

On Friday, 11 May, and Tuesday, 15 May 2007, S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. participated in the first European Minerals Day by opening up its facilities in Fokis and on Milos and welcoming young people to a “voyage of discovery in the World of Minerals”. The aim of all 88 similar events organized in the facilities of mineral companies in 16 European countries was to acquaint local communities, and especially pupils and students from the areas where the companies are present, with minerals and ores. In Fokis, through the prefecture’s environmental education section, S&B invited about 150 pupils from the junior high schools of the towns of Itea, Amfissa, Lidoriki and Polydrosso to its local facilities.

Accompanied by their teachers, the students had the opportunity to learn about the various stages of the mining process as well as to talk with workers about their jobs and the problems they face. They also visited the company’s plant nursery where they were informed of the company’s land reclamation program. Finally, they toured the “Vagonetto” Fokis Mining Park, the unique thematic park in Greece that was established by S&B in 2003.

On Milos, students from the island’s junior and senior high schools went on an educational tour of the company’s facilities and quarries, followed a presentation of S&B’s activities, were informed about how essential minerals are mined and processed and learned more about their uses in everyday life.