Biological wastewater treatment plant at Milos island, Greece

Construction of the Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant at Aghia Styliani on Milos was concluded, and on Sunday, 18 January 2009, the plant was formally delivered to local authorities and set in trial operation. It represents a highly significant infrastructure development, of great value to the island, and also the first activity of the developmental company titled MILOS Initiative S.A., so that a longstanding problem of waste management on the beautiful island of Milos can finally be resolved.

MILOS Initiative was founded in autumn 2007 by the Municipality of Milos, through the Municipal Developmental Corporation, and S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. Its aim is to support and complement other already existing development mechanisms, in order to promote in any possible way sustainable development on Milos, with an emphasis on balanced economic development, environment, culture and quality of life. The Initiative also intends to locate, design and selectively apply projects of infrastructure development and improvement, as well as to provide consulting services for the undertaking of activities for the benefit of the local society and its interests in general.

The Biological Waste Treatment Plant newly in operation uses the latest technology of “membrane bioreactor”. The total cost is expected to reach €800.000 and will be covered in total by funds of MILOS Initiative.

In time, the new factory will cover the needs of the villages Plaka, Pera Triovassalos, Triovassalos, Tripiti and Adamas, receiving wastes both through the sewage network and by means of special vehicles.