IMERYS celebrates the European Minerals Day 2015

With events and initiatives in 2 facilities in Bulgaria and Greece, IMERYS Metallurgy Bentonite and Perlite Intermediates Business Unit (BPI BU) celebrated the European Minerals Day 2015.

The European Minerals Day (EMD) was initiated in 2007. This pan-European awareness raising and educational event takes place every two years, aiming to increase public understanding of the importance of minerals in daily life. Companies invite the local communities to take part in open days and school projects, while their European trade associations ensure the coordination, support and visibility at European level. The open days offer the public an opportunity to experience how the minerals sector contributes to innovation, regional development, biodiversity, resource efficiency and safety.

European Coordinators: IMA-Europe, CEMBUREAU, EuroGeoSurveys, EuroGypsum, EuSalt, Eurometaux, Euromines, ETP SMR, IndustriAll European (Trade Union)

European Organizations supporting the initiative: EFG, ELO, EBCD, RESTORE

EMD 2015: Welcomed thousands of visitors at 200 events in 22 countries in Europe and 7 around the globe

EMD 2017: Scheduled for September 22-24, 2017


Official EMD hashtags: #mineralsday #innovation #biodiversity #safety #sustainability


An Open “Minerals” Day in Kardjali, hosted high-school students from Kardjali high-school. The event was held at IMERYS’ Bulgaria office premises’ conference hall in Kardjali and consisted of a multimedia presentation and an exhibition of the sites’ product portfolio. The screening of a short film presented the entire flow of our mining and production processes. Likewise a lecture on the variety of our products applications took place. Finally, young visitors participated actively in various laboratory tests. Aim of this initiative was the presentation of minerals of Rhodope Mountain.

Open “Minerals” Day in Kardjali Open “Minerals” Day in Kardjali


The Treasure Hunt in Milos, entitled “Rock-ers in action”, involved students from three Milos high-school classes who raced against time solving puzzles and thus following traces along a pre-determined path. The followed path was “Aggeria Route” (Route no. 4) of Miloterranean Geo Experience (, The children formed 3 groups, each group having 3 sub-groups (the “brains” who solved the puzzles, the “collectors” who collected the minerals/traces along the path, and the “cartographers” who “mapped” each group’s final trail). Each group decided about its “leader”, its “name”, and its “strategy” and threw itself into action! Three animators, one for each group, accompanied them throughout the game, creating the suitable “ambient”, explaining the objectives and rules of the game, giving instructions and guidelines for the puzzles.

Aim of this alternative and interactive game was the active participation of the children, who, through positive thinking, investigating, and studying the historical, geological, logical guidelines reached the game’s final point and won the prize. Throughout the whole initiative, it was proven that the real treasure was the knowledge gained for both, the participants and the organizers!

Sites: 2 (Bulgaria – Kardjali, Greece – Milos)

Total visitors: 71

Open door days: 2 (September 25-26, 2015)

Projects: 2

Partners: Miloterranean Geo Experience, Efpalinos Art & Education Lab, “Otec Paisii” high school, Milos high school


Treasure Hunt in Milos Treasure Hunt in Milos Treasure Hunt in Milos Treasure Hunt in Milos