Sustainability Case Studies

S&B volunteers around the globe

S&B Group Volunteerism Initiative, newly established in 2012, received a warm reception by colleagues around the globe. S&B employees from 26 different facilities in 9 countries from Europe, USA and Asia joined forces towards a common cause: address …More »

S&B Group Volunteerism Initiative

S&B has launched its S&B Group Volunteerism Initiative, aiming to actively involve S&B people in a common cause to help local communities and society across the world regions we operate in. Every year, a group-wide volunteerism theme or …More »

S&B constantly in touch with the educational community

S&B seeks to create bonds with future professionals and to support young people pursuing solid academic studies. The company receives regular apprenticeships from universities and technical schools in its major hubs of operation like Greece and Germany. Furthermore, …More »