S&B brings colors and aromas from Milos to Elliniki Etairia 40-year celebration event

S&B Plant Nursery

Acknowledging Elliniki Etairia’s valuable contribution and significant work, S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. is a proud sponsor and active participant in Elliniki Etairia’s 40-year celebration, organized on the weekend 18-19 May, 2013, and hosting a variety of events.

Blossoms and scents from Milos island will travel to Athens bringing the island’s “colors and aromas” to the big celebration through a Milos Mining Museum educational program by S&B.

On Sunday 19/5 at 12:00, in Elliniki Etairia’s yard (28 Tripodon St., Plaka), S&B’s forester from the Milos Rehabilitation Department and the company’s volunteers will provide visitors, young and old, with a “guided tour” to the island’s biodiversity through a specially designed activity. Endemic plants from S&B’s company-owned plant nursery on the island used exclusively for the rehabilitation of depleted mines, such as phoenician uniper, cedar tree, Jerusalem sage, cistus, tamarisk, lavender, wormwood, mastic tree, satureja, and many others, will be available. Visitors will get to know them, transplant them into flowerpots containing peat and Milos perlite and take them home afterwards.

S&B’s volunteers will be informing the public throughout the weekend of 18 & 19 May about local and endemic Milos plants’ special characteristics, as well as about perlite, one of the most important minerals mined on the island by S&B, with important uses in hydroponics and as a soil improvement in agriculture.

Full program of Elliniki Etairia 40-year celebration events here and in Fb