S&B volunteers around the globe

S&B Group Volunteerism Initiative, newly established in 2012, received a warm reception by colleagues around the globe. S&B employees from 26 different facilities in 9 countries from Europe, USA and Asia joined forces towards a common cause: address health and poverty by organizing local events around blood-drives and in-kind donations, like food or clothes, to charitable organizations. With the motto “live brighter”, S&B’s Global Volunteerism had a successful 2012 inauguration – read on for highlights from each Region.

Asia / Pacific

Temperatures in December 2012 at China, Jilin Province, reach -25°C (-13oF). Yet, this did not prevent S&B staff to make the extra journey and participate at the local volunteerism event and donate blood, within the Volunteerism Initiative framework. Likewise, in Durgapur, India, close to 70% of S&B staff travelled 5-6 hours, often along with family members, to reach the blood-donation camp and volunteer their contribution, in a country where blood-giving is paid for.

North Europe

In Germany, all 7 S&B facilities (Oberhausen, Marl, Neuss, Mannheim, Oelsnitz, Landshut, Essen) participated in both blood-drives and in-kind donation to the Red Cross and the “Die Tafel” organization. In Hungary, the Egyhazaskezö facility donated Christmas packages to 155 elderly people living in the local village.

South Europe

In Greece, all S&B sites (Athens, Milos, Fokis) organized blood-drives and in-kind donations. Greece focused its in-kind donations to community organizations or structures that are well equipped to meet today’s increased social needs due to the crisis, such as the Municipal charity stores in Fokis (Amfissa & Itea), the Athens homeless municipal organization, the Thiva women’s Correctional Facility. The Fokis facility set an example, as all staff, as well as some contractors’ employees, volunteered to create a local blood bank. Athens employees with their families donated their time to help renovate a house, clean outdoor areas and tree-plant the gardens at the Attica, Vari SOS Villages. Spain helped the EMAUS children’s home and enjoyed a 100% participation of S&B colleagues, thus setting a high standard for the rest of the Group. In Kardjali, Bulgaria, the Red Cross blood-donation event took place on December 5, the International Volunteer Day. Italy completed S. Europe’s participation organizing both blood-drive and food donation to local charities.


On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, colleagues from all US facilities participated by contributing to various charitable organizations: Avant Children’s Home (Aberdeen), Community Food Bank of Central Alabama (Birmingham), Local Food Pantry (Brunswick), Counsel of Aging (Burbank), Anderson Perry Food Pantry (Cincinnati), Eastern Iowa Food Bank (Waterloo), Community Missions for Food (Niagara Falls), Local Food Pantry (Vero Beach), support to a family (Morganton). Niagara Falls also organized a blood drive.

The S&B Group Volunteerism Initiative will continue in 2013 aiming to increase its impact and reach.