Imerys strives to be a good corporate citizen in all aspects influenced by its operations: from establishing safe working conditions, maintaining good community relations, treating suppliers fairly, ensuring product stewardship to caring for the natural environmental and the society in which it operates.

Imerys assesses the social impact and relevance of its operations by evaluating direct and indirect employment in relation to local population, by understanding local key social factors and by evaluating the potential impact of our business in the area. Early in 2012, we revisited our Social Contribution methodology and, based on such pre-determined criteria, we categorized our facilities according to their impact on surrounding local communities. With varying degrees of development that depends on a facility’s relative social impact, our social policy covers the following areas:

  • Creation and operation of infrastructure works that promote the cultural as well as the industrial heritage of each area, like the Milos Mining Museum and the Milos Conference Center.
  • Providing financial, technical and other support to local organizations and initiatives of high interest and acceptance, as well as local infrastructure works.
  • Developing initiatives and activities that promote these regions and contribute to their balanced development.
  • Supporting the local populations with educational, cultural and other activities.

At the same time, Imerys promotes the public dialogue on Sustainable Development through its active participation in committees and working groups of international, European and national organizations and associations.