Local communities

Imerys believes in the power of partnerships and embarks into multi-stakeholder collaborations and initiatives when possible. In such a way, projects are the appropriate answer to the concerns, aspirations and needs of the local communities. Imerys contribution and projects span from creation and operation of infrastructure works that promote the cultural and industrial heritage of the areas in which it is present, to active educational and cultural programs development and even more sophisticated shared value initiatives such as developing and promoting sustainable tourism.

Local Infrastructure Works

We contribute to local infrastructure works to support our operations (i.e. roads) or as social contribution to local communities in need (i.e. water supply networks, wastewater facility, school building maintenance, road maintenance etc.), thus improving socioeconomic conditions for local population.

We also establish cultural infrastructure works that honor and promote the mining history of the local communities of our activity, but also support their sustainable development by promoting tourism. In Greece, we have successfully established infrastructure works such as the Milos Mining Museum and the Milos Conference Center .

Local Community Partnerships

We strive to go beyond the mere philanthropic donations and financial assistance to local communities by substantially contributing to the sustainable and balanced social and economic development of regions where we operate, in economic activities other than mining. In other words Imerys seeks to evolve the traditional model of the “company with social sensitivity” into a new and more demanding model of the “company as social partner”. Over the years, this model has evolved particularly in Milos, Greece, where our social relevance is signficant.

MILOS Initiative

The MILOS Initiative is a common development company founded in 2007 by the Milos Municipality and Imerys Industrial Minerals Greece S.A. MILOS Initiative aims to complement and support other development initiatives that promote the sustainable development of Milos, with a focus on the balanced economic development, the environment, culture and quality of life. Ending 2008, the first Urban Wastewater Treatment Facility of Milos island was completed with Imerys full financial and technical support. The completion of this important infrastructure work represents the first activity of MILOS Initiative S.A.


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In 2012, Imerys sponsored the development of MILOTERRANEAN, a project aimed to help the development of tourism on Milos. MILOTERRANEAN Geo Experience caters to the inquisitive traveler’s desire to discover the multifaceted beauty of the Greek islands’ Milos and Kimolos landscape and volcanic origin. Maps with detailed routes complemented by concise text, guide the visitor’s discovery of the island’s unique geology, wealth of mining history and present, and its beautiful natural environment; a so-far “secret” Milos is revealed. Geologists, mining engineers, foresters, cartographers and historians combine their expertise and insights to take the visitor on an unprecedented journey to this Cycladic scenery. MILOTERRANEAN aims to attract visitors that seek a unique nature geo-experience beyond a typical Greek-island vacation. MILOTERRANEAN is not a commercial project in itself, but a “product” to be embraced by the local tourism professionals. It aspires to place Milos on the map of unique global destinations promoting all aspects of the islands past and present.