Trachilas Vineyard – Vintage 2018

This year, viticulture in Milos, like everywhere in Greece, was characterized by an early harvesting. Therefore, vintage in Trachilas mine vineyard was carried out quite early, in August 9-10th. Especially this year, monitoring of the sugars concentration was a particularly difficult issue due the uneven development of our vines.

The grapes were collected by both the employees of the rehabilitation department and the volunteers, whom we happily welcomed this year, too.

trTrachilas Vineyard - 01

Trachilas Vineyard - 02

The grapes were placed in crates and collected in an air-conditioned area at a temperature of 17◦ C. The production was as follows:
Vine plot 1: 21 crates 390 Kgs
Vine plot 2: 17 crates 347 kgs
Vine plot 3: 7 crates 143 kgs
Vine plot 4: 36 crates 700 kgs
TOTAL 81 crates, 1580 kgs. tr

The grapes’ total quantity was checked by the local agronomist, who also signed the necessary documents for the trip towards Argatia Winery in Rhodochori, Naoussa, Greece.

On Friday, August 10, around noon, the grapes were loaded onto a local transporter company’s refrigerator truck, at 7º C, and traveled to Piraeus aboard the Dionysios Solomos ferry. From Piraeus, the trip was continued on the same refrigerator truck, all the way to Rhodochori in Naoussa, reaching it on Sunday, August 12th.

trTrachilas Vineyard - 03

After a short hand-sorting, the grapes entered the destemmer and, along with the grape must, were carried forward into a tank, at a temperature of 0◦ C for 6 hours, for the so-called “cryo-extraction”. During this stage, the grape must is being enriched with all the flavors of the grape skins.

trTrachilas Vineyard - 04

After 6 hours in the tank, the grapes were forwarded by pumps to the pneumatic press and back into the tank (a total of 1000 ltr of grape must), where it remained for another 24 hours at a temperature of 6◦ C for the sludge to settle (first debourbage).

trTrachilas Vineyard - 05

On Monday August 13th, the main debourbage was performed. On that very Monday morning we were pleasantly surprised since, along with Mrs Spinthiropoulou, oenologist and owner of the winery, we were asked to speak on air on the morning TV zone of the state TV channel ERT (, about our endeavors in Trachilas and this year’s vintage.

The next day, Tuesday August 14th, the fermentation process started and was carried out with the use of special yeasts chosen by Mrs Spinthiropoulou herself. tr

Our wort’s post-debourbage qualitative properties, as measured at the Kyr-Yanni Winery lab, were:

Alcoholic strength 13.5 %
Total acidity = 5.9 g/l
Active pH acidity = 3.33 tr

After completing the fermentation and ripening process, our wine will be bottled and tagged by IMERYS, and the MILOTERRA wine will start its travel to Milos. We look up to 1,100 wine bottles, this year!